The RAID RSP series offers traditional splicing craftsmanship

with a colorful twist! The butt of each cue is made of high

quality rosewood and Canadian maple with a classic look that

resembles a Sneaky Pete. The shaft is hand selected top grade

Canadian Maple from Quebec, Canada.


- 58" total length (shaft and butt)

  29" shaft and 29" butt

- Selected Canadian maple shaft with professional taper

- R650 low deflection shaft technology (Standard in North America)

- 13mm 5 layer leather tip

- 10mm Juma ferrule

- Hand polished stainless steel joint

- 3.5 thread quick release  joint/inserts

- Genuine Canadian kiln dried and  hand selected

  maple butts spliced rosewood with 4 colorful prongs

  (white, orange, blue and red) 

- Adjustable weight system

- Standard weight of 19oz

- MSRP: USD$189.00



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