RAID's new RS series snooker cues combines the design

elements of English Snooker and American pool to create an

unique style of its own. Models RS-21 and RS-22 are 1/2

specification and RS-31 to RS33 are in 3/4 spec, all of which

sports top grade Canadian maple shaft equipped with bronze

quick release joint.

- 1/2 and 3/4 specification for selected models

- Genuine Canadian kiln dried  vacuumed and hand selected grade A maple shaft

- RAID snooker cue taper

- RAID snooker tip

- RAID 9.8mm polished bronze ferrule

- Bronze snooker quick release joint

- Butt made from various exotic woods such as rosewood, curly maple, Canadian maple, purple heart

- Fixed weight screw

- 6" black extension included on model RS-31, 32and33

- Standard weight of 18-19oz's

- MSRP: USD$109.00

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